Interview with Sandeep Ray, Jury Board Member of Feature-Length Documentary Competition

This time, Publicist Team of Festival Film Dokumenter has an opportunity to inteview Sandeep Ray, a  documentary filmmaker, writer, reviewer, and lecturer in STUD-HASS. He has been involved with [...]

Interview with Vivian Idris, Jury Board Member of Short Documentary Category Competition

For Vivian Idris, duration is an important thing in making short documentary film. Filmmakers should be accurate in making story development in the limited duration. Festival Film Dokumenter 2017 [...]

Interview with Ronny Agustinus, Jury Board Member of Feature-Length Documentary Category Competition

In 2017, Ronny Agustinus is back as jury board member of Feature-Lenght Documentary Category Competition after been there in 2015 before. His accurateness in seeing social phenomenon supported [...]

Interview with Angie Chen, Director of I’ve Got the Blues

I’ve Got The Blues is a documentary about the artist Yank Wong. painter, art director, set designer, writer, musician, and photographer. He is a true renaissance man who expresses his creativity [...]

Awarding and Closing Night Festival Film Dokumenter 2017: Post-Truth

The implementation of Festival Film Dokumenter 2017: ‘Post-Truth’ has ended on December 15th, 2017. Awarding and Closing Night became the last event series since opened on Saturday (9/12). Took [...]

Learning Film and Criticism in Film Criticism Workshop FFD 2017

This year, Lokakarya Kritik Film (Film Criticism Workshop) presented for the first time in Festival Film Dokumenter 2017. This workshop conducted as a response on a necessity of our cinema right [...]

Interview with Hore Besok Libur, The Team behind ‘Ojek Lusi’

Ojek Lusi invited the audience to remember the disaster of Lumpur Sidoarjo (Lusi) through the victim’s life. After 11 years and never resolved, the disaster that drowned 16 villages is finally [...]

Questioned the Truth in Documentary through Discussion about ‘Post-Truth’

Discussion session with the topic ‘Post-Truth’ that raised by Festival Film Dokumenter as the main theme in Perspektif program this year had been held on (12/12). The discussion opened by Sazkia [...]

Interview with Roy Thaniago, Founder and Researcher of Remotivi

The Publicist Team of Festival Film Dokumenter 16 had a chance interviewed Roy Thaniago, founder and researcher of Remotivi. He is one of the speaker on Discussion program Documentary in [...]

Letting go of the Past from History Concentration through Discussion

Departing from film scrrening of Spektrum program | Dear Memory : Facticity, Festival Film Dokumenter 16 was also holding Q&A session on Sunday (10/12). Located at IFI-LIP, this session [...]

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